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The Peninsula Project - A Luxury 5* Development

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The Peninsula Project - A Luxury 5* Development

  • Price: € 45.000.000 (€ 286 / m²)
  • Total Area: 157.000m²
  • Realty Code: Peninsula


A luxury 5* development of 300 Hotel Rooms and Villas



  •     Total land: 15,7 hectares (157.000 m2)
  •     Peninsula length: 900 m.
  •     Peninsula width (average): 200 m.
  •     Building potential: 20.188 m2 main buildings and 6.000 m2 basements
  •     Available all required licenses from the competent authorities to proceed to construction
  •     Access to the Water, Electricity and Telecommunications networks
  •     Direct access to a touristic beach of 1 km. length
  •     Direct access to a wind- sheltered gulf, which could be used for the creation of yacht berths
  •     It is actually the only peninsula in the region having all the necessary licenses for development



  •     Building capacity of 20.188 m2 (plus 6.000 m2 basements)
  •     Creation of yacht berths at the wind-sheltered side of the peninsula
  •     Creation of exclusive Bars & Restaurants at the tip of the peninsula, facing the sea and the surrounded islands
  •     The development falls under the Greek Investment Law 3908/2011 that entitles subsidies 30% of the total development cost (licensing, construction, equipment)


The project is, already, underway. There is no need to wait for the planning.

Complete file available with all permissions and certifications from the relevant authorities proving that land can be developed as shown.

  •     Fast track procedures are implemented
  •     17% annual return
  •     All investors from outside the EU can be automatically granted a residence permit in Greece and the EU
  •     Secure investment in a world-class beach-resort destination
  •     Process through escrow account in a high rated (AAA) bank
  •     The project is entitled to a 30% subsidy by the Greek State and the E.U., for the studies, permissions, construction and equipment

Investors are able to take advantage of the Greek deep recession investing at the market’s bottom line, at the right time and with the right strategy

Investment independently observed and administered for clients security and comfort

Low prices on the provided facilities of the hotel for the investors 



Central hotel unit and Luxury Villas for rent/sale with yacht berths, which would fully cater to the needs of the high-net-worth-individuals that frequent the area.

The above solution constitutes a current trend in the Greek tourism market, with the demand from abroad exceeding by far the actual offer.



The peninsula is situated in the Ionian sea, right in the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan, high-end touristic areas in the Mediterranean.

Overall, the specific area is considered a top destination for high-net-worth-individuals, due to its excellent combination of greenery, picturesque gulfs, marvelous beaches with crystal-clear waters and facilities catering to yacht owners.



Budget € 65,000,000

Subsidy € 20,000,000

Investors € 45,000,000

ROI : 17%


Feel free to contact us for any additional on the above information. Available presentations and financial projections.

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