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Our company undertakes all necessary legal checks and research with the urban planning authorities, all the bureaucratic procedures for the acquisition of the property, and all services required for its development.

1) Buying a property

From the moment you decide that you are interested in the acquisition of a property in Greece, our office makes all the necessary arrangements. Thus we undertake to arrange the details of your visit to the real-estates for sale, carried out with privately owned car, at a prescheduled time, always after mutual agreement with you. Multilingual office staff (English – Russian- German ) will explain to you in detail everything that relates to the real-estates you have selected to visit, and then you will be led to them. There is no fee for properties located within a distance of 100 km from Athens. For distances over 100 km, there is a 0.35 € charge per km, plus fees for toll roads and overnight stays (if applicable) for your escort. Also, the cost of any ferry or airplane tickets for your escort is borne by you. If you decide to purchase a property through our company, the above charges are refunded.

Your signature of a real estate suggestion order (without additional charges) precedes your visit to the properties. The order clarifies in detail all the obligations of our office, as well as our remuneration in case you decide to advance in buying a real estate.

If you find a property to buy, we can recommend – if desired – experienced lawyers and notaries speaking your native language for better and safer service during your transaction.

2) Issue of residence permit for citizens from outside the European Union.

Our company will take care of all procedures required for the issue of a residence permit in Greece through the acquisition of property.

With the acquisition of a residence over 250,000 € in Greece, you are entitled to a permanent residence permit for a period of five years, which is renewable every five years for as long as you keep the property. This license also allows you to stay in the other countries of the European Union for a period ranging from three to six months. The permit is valid for all family members of the buyer. A residence permit is also granted in case you make an investment or long term lease in Greece.

3) Villa’s construction 

Acquire an exclusive custom made villa in Greece wherever you want it.

Core activity of our company GENECON DEVELΟPMENT ( is the construction of holiday complexes, apartment buildings, hotels, etc. Choosing a property from the blueprints gives numerous advantages: selection of plots on the exact location of your choice, architectural design adjustment to match taste, material selection, acquisition of a unique custom villa in a short spell of time.

The lot selection in Greece is conducted through the Personal Land Finder scheme. Experienced architects will guide you through the architectural design, taking into consideration your personal choices. On completion of the planning, your specific property is presented in 3D photos (interior and exterior) in order to further modify – improve it and have a clear picture of the construction. Peruse off plan proposals: Personal Land Finder

All filing procedures and construction are undertaken by our company. We commit ourselves to transparency in dealing with clients and a sustainable and environmentally friendly planning and construction.

4) Residence or hotel renovation

Finding a used or unfinished property though GREECE ESTATES, you have the opportunity to collaborate with GENECON DEVELΟPMENT (, a company belonging to the same interests. Thanks to its highly experienced staff, the company will not only offer you the best way to develop your property, but it will also undertake all bureaucratic procedures and construction.

For more information, please visit the GENECON DEVELΟPMENT website (

5) Real estate and hotel management

GREECE ESTATES has a comprehensive property management department that carries out maintenance, cleaning, bill payments and finally leasing of your property for as long as you wish.

This also applies to hotels, through our collaboration with hotel unit management company “Xenodoxos”, one of the top players in the field with extensive experience in the specific sector. For more information, please visit the “Xenodoxos” website (

6) Selling a property

If you are interested in selling a real estate in Greece, our office is the ideal choice of collaboration. We will visit the real estate, we will estimate it's value, discuss with you, and we will define with you its price. All we need from you is the property’s drawings - titles and your written and explicit order for the suggestion of the real estate to those who are interested in.

Then our office will undertake its promotion by the following ways:

- With continuous advertisements in every wide circulation daily and special issue.
- With our presence in the internet via our web site, with detailed description, photographs and all the necessary information on the real estate. 
- With your property’s promotion via the best properties web sites abroad (Germany, Russia, England).

7) Insurance

Having an aim for your cover from each potential danger and in collaboration with the best professionals of the insurance domain, we undertake the insurance of your real estate.

8) Your own offices in Greece!

Customers with GREECE ESTATES have the possibility to have office support, secretarial support and even a conference room in the city centre of Athens, at special rates, as the company GENECON OFFICES ( belongs to the same interests.

9) General support - information

For any information needed, GREECE ESTATES customers can always contact our company for support, no matter how much time has passed since you bought your real estate. We will stay connected with you from the first time you view your house in Greece through us, and will always be obliged for preferring us – and that's only the least we can do for you.